Third Edition

Compiled by Dr. John D. Phaup, 2319 Elon Drive, Cocoa, Florida 32926

  ©1987,1995, 1998, 1999 by Dr. John D. Phaup. All rights reserved


The writer wishes to thank all those family members who responded to his initial request for information and especially kinsmen who provided valuable information in addition to that requested. The writer appreciates readers calling attention to those errors and omissions which occurred in the first and the furnishing of additional information which they would like to have seen included. These were, for the most part, included in the second edition and are also incorporated in this edition. Of course the writer still welcomes suggestions and comments from readers and family members. This third edition is intended to polish and beef up material introduced in the second edition and correct a few persistent errors and omissions.

Special thanks are due to Geraldine Phaup Stevenson, who provided much of the information on the John Phaup descendants and virtually all the data on the Texas Phaups. She also provided comments and supplied additional material for the second edition. Thanks are also due to Linwood Herman Phaup and his sister, Evelyn Phaup Parker who supplied most of the information on the Benjamin Phaup, Jr. lineage and much of it for William Phaup's descendants. This document belongs to all these people; this writer merely acted as organizer and compiler, not to mention compositor, printer's devil and errand boy.

Bebe L. Phaup, wife of the author, in addition to providing encouragement and many helpful suggestions during the many years spent in this work, also designed and calligraphed the front cover.

Other information was obtained from the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, and from the genealogy library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) in Rockledge, Florida. Information was taken from old original, and microfilm copies, of birth and death records, tax registers and census reports of Kentucky and Virginia; from Wills and Deeds in various counties, and from "word of mouth" handed down from family members long departed.

It should be noted that while the information contained herein was obtained from sources considered to be reliable, no guarantee can be given as to accuracy and the writer assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

Some of the old records are virtually illegible and those that have been processed and stored in computers or otherwise transcribed are liable to contain errors due to handwriting, spelling, and peculiarity of style of the time. Where conclusions are based on conjecture or are unsupported by factual data, this is indicated. Dates are, in some cases, necessarily approximate. The indulgence of anyone who has suffered an "exaggerated" and untimely demise at the hands of this compiler is begged. Ditto for accelerated aging and/or premature birth.

As with the first editions, it is hoped that this work will serve as a source book and stimulate further research, particularly among our younger family members. It is up to them to preserve and maintain for posterity our precious heritage.


November 17, 1995

AUTHORS NOTE: This material was posted on the original sites to assist beginning genologists and all interested family members in finding information that was sorely lacking or totally unavailable when this author began his quest for his roots some forty years ago. The information available here has no commercial purpose; it is meant solely to assist kinsmen and other interested persons in obtaining information contained in public records, but still requiring considerable effort to ferret out. There is some concern that certain information could be used by unscrupulous persons for criminal purposes. I'm aware of this possiblity and therefore will not add any information on living Phaup family members. I regret this, but it is the same old unfortunate problem--the bad spoil it for the good.

May 28, 1999


 The Phaup family in the United States is concentrated heavily in Virginia, Kentucky and Texas, with respectively 43%, 13%, and 13% of the total, with an additional 7% each in North Carolina and Florida. South Carolina. Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New Jersey all have at least one Phaup family residing therein. Of an estimated 120-150 families nationwide, about 80% reside in the five southern states listed above. It has also been reported that there are at least two families in New Zealand, in addition to a large contingent in the Scottish homeland and along the border in England.

It is interesting that today's Phaups have, like their ancestors, remained in close proximity to their original settlements. After Kentucky split off from Virginia in 1792, many Virginians were lured by the wilderness down Daniel Boone's trail and across the Appalachians through the Cumberland Gap into the new frontier. Indeed, one Phaup family made the trek. After the transcontinental railway became a reality in 1868, many settlers headed west, and one Phaup family relocated to Texas, but generally they seem to have been satisfied to stay home. The Kentucky Phaups particularly, except for the Texas emigres have remained in "shouting distance" almost of the original settlements.

The name "Phaup" is said to be of Scottish origin (Black, George F., 1962, The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning and History. New York Public Library. New York. pp 659-660) and was probably taken by the first member of the family to use the surname from the settlement of Phawhope or Fawhope, on Fawhopeburn in the parish of Teviothead, Roxburgshire. The name in local dialect is pronounced to sound like "fáwp". Teviothead is located in the southern area of Roxburgshire near Hawick (pronounced "hoick"), in an area known as The Borders, and which lies as its name implies, literally along the Scotch-English border. It is comprised of the former counties of Roxburg, Berwick, Peebles, and Selkirk. The word "faw" or "phaw" in Scottish relates to sheep, while "hope" applies to land lying between two hills, or in a valley. Therefore, Fawhope may have referred to a particular sheep pasture or settlement, consisting of several sheep pastures. The suffix "burn" is common in the area and refers to a small creek, such as Phawhopeburn which is located near Teviothead , about 10 miles southwest of Hawick.

The family, like its name, is of ancient Scotch origin and was to be found in southern Scotland as early as 1304, when Adam de Fawhope was juror on inquisition into the rights and privileges claimed by Robert de Bruce, Earl of Carrick, in Annandale (Black, 1962). Black further notes that Ade de Fawhope, perhaps the same person, held land in Culchogill during the reign of Robert I.

Additional Phaups noted in Black were Archibald Fawup or Fawp, the Chaplain at Lithlingoe in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin in 1529. Andrew Phaup or Phaupe appears as a notary in Melrose from 1657 to 1662, and Thomas Phaup, a Covenanteer (one who supported either of the Scottish Presbyterian Covenants) from Muiravonside parish, was drowned near Orkney in 1679. William Phaup and Janet Phaup are recorded in Ormstoun in 1686 and 1699 respectively. Isobel Phaup was a Cotar (probably a Cottar, meaning a tenant farmer) in Stichill in 1715, according to Black and again quoting him, "Will O'Phawhope was the last man on the border to have spoken with the fairies".

The International Genealogy Index (IGI) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) lists some 66 or 67 Phaups in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Scotland and England, concentrated in an area consisting of "The Borders" of Scotland and the English Counties of Cumberland, Durham and particularly in Northumberland. There are twenty listings in the IGI for the Northumberland towns of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Morpeth, Rothbury and Embleton.

The earliest Phaups noted in the IGI are Andro Phaup, christened in Melrose on August 1, 1650; Isobel Phaup who married William Watson in Stichill on March 29, 1706; Margaret Phaup married John Smith in Melrose on December 3, 1708; James Phaup married Alison Cook also in Melrose on May 14, 1725. Across the border, Eleanor Phaup married Nicholas Nicholson in October 1726 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Jane Phaup was christened in Chester le Street on October 1, 1727; William Phaup was christened on January 11, 1730, also in Chester le Street.

In addition to the common corruptions of Faup, Fawp, Fop, Phap and Phup, many of which persist today, there are some 40-50 Phalps in the IGI, who are reported to belong rightfully to the

Phelps. This situation is further compounded by the Paups and Foppes which appear to be bona fide surnames.

The widespread belief among family members that the surname is of French or German origin can not be substantiated. The IGI contains no Phaups, nor corruptions thereof, listed in France or Germany during the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries in contrast to the large numbers in Scotland and England. There may be some modern day Faups in France, but they undoubtedly are relatively recent emigres from Scotland. While there is some evidence of the early use of surnames by the Saxons, the Normans are responsible for their widespread use. They seem to have favored the use of surnames to denote the places of residence and introduced this practice to the British Isles. Surnames adopted by nobility were primarily of this type, being preceded by the Norman de or de la meaning "of", "from" or "of the", "from the". The early Adam de Fauhope was quite literally "Adam from Fauhope". This practice, while widely used in France, Spain and Italy was by no means confined to those countries. The readily corruptible surname and the propensity of the lowland charter scribes, alluded to in Black as "ingenious perversity" to alter spellings, has created many problems for the etymologist.

Many years ago, before accepting the Scottish origin, this writer theorized that perhaps the family had descended from the German Haupt (meaning "head" or "chief") family, whose members could have emigrated to Wales at some early date, and appended the Welsh ap, meaning "son of", resulting in ap Haupt. Then, as was common practice, they would have dropped the initial a and closed to form Phaupt, later dropping the final "t". Price, e.g. derived from ap Rice and Prichard from ap Richard in a similar manner. Because the consonant combination, ph does not occur naturally in German, (it is present only when translated into that language from another) this is probably the only explanation that might justify a German heritage. An immediate problem with that is that a check of the IGI revealed not a single Phaup, ap Haupt, or identifiable corruption thereof in Wales. In German, both the initial "p" and the "h" are pronounced, which would result in a very discordant sound close to "pe-howp"! The most likely explanation for the John James Phaup descendants' belief in German roots is that his wife, Sara Pitzer was of German descent. The Virginia Phaups' belief in French origins, and the de Phaup probably stems from the very early use of the Norman de to denote place of origin. The now famous letter from Rev. Leroy J. Phaup to Mrs. Thomas J. Keane dated November 14, 1931, in which he refers to a Revolutionary War General de Phaup playing "a part as I am reliably informed" seems to have influenced many modern Virginia Phaups to believe in the French Connection.

The pronunciation of the surname by today's Kentucky Phaups, and judging from old records there, since the arrival of John between 1811 and 1816, is "Fop" to rhyme with "mop", while the Virginia Phaups seem to prefer "Fáwp". Considering the original pronunciation of the Scottish "Fáwhope", the latter would seem to be correct. However, one bearing this name soon learns to answer to almost anything, and in many instances, nothing more than a long pause.

A diligent search for a family coat-of-arms has failed to reveal a bona fide article. There are today, as in the days of old, heraldic artists, who for a price, will design very attractive crests and emblems, but they are meaningless, except as wall paper. There is, however, I am told, a quite attractive family Tartan; the colors are light orange, blue and green. Generally, kilts, coats of arms, tartans and the like belong to the clans, which were found only in the Scottish Highlands. Apparently, the Phawhopes were an exception.


As well as can be determined, the first Phaup to arrive in the colonies was Benjamin, a cordwainer (shoemaker) from Southwark, England. His age was given as 38 years (in 1774), so it may be inferred that he was born ca 1736. He departed from the Port of London during the last week of May 1774 and arrived in Philadelphia on August 15, 1774 aboard the "Sally", (Tepper, Passengers to America p-300; Fothergill, Emigrants from England, 1773-1775. p-78)) to begin his period of servitude as an indentured servant for a period of from 5-14 years, probably 5-7 years. In return, he would have received his passage, clothing, lodging and food. He was the property of his master and could be sold or traded like any other property for the period of his term, after which he would be freed and given a house, some land, an ax, one year's provisions and two changes of clothing. Virginia planters, in return received not only the services of the slave, but could claim 50 acres of land for every indentured servant that they brought over (the "headright system").

It is not known to whom, nor for how long Benjamin was indentured. His time is thought to have been served in either Essex or Goochland County. Servants were often given freedom early in exchange for their release of the master from his final obligations (the house, etc.).

Nothing is known of Benjamin's past, prior to his departure from London and very little of his life in the new world. However, he married Mary Reeves in 1775, who, if she was 22 years old at the time as has been inferred, was 17 years his junior. Three sons and a daughter are known to have been born to Benjamin and Mary, viz: Benjamin, Jr,, born December 15, 1780; John, born on October 4, 1782; William, born March 10, 1784 and Mary (Polly), born sometime in 1786. The sons were duly baptized by the Rev. William Douglas on the following dates, Benjamin, May 20, 1781; John, June 22, 1784; William, June 22, 1784 (The Douglas Register, 1985. Genealogical Publishing Co.), Benjamin first appeared on the Goochland County tax register in the spring of 1786, where the family apparently resided until his death around 1795. Mary Reeves Phaup lived into the 1830s and was listed in the 1820 census for Campbell county, VA. She probably lived her last years with William in Cumberland County.

The "handed down" story of Benjamin serving with the colonists as a General de Phaup has not been documented. In fact, the use of the de Phaup surname in this country has not been substantiated, although it may have been used in Scotland in the very early days, when the practice was dictated by the Normans to denote locale. However, the bravery of Benjamin is unquestioned! To leave (or be taken from) his native land during middle life, when many of his contemporaries were comfortably settled, and embark upon a perilous journey into the unknown of a tumultuous new world in bondage required tremendous courage. In the process, he managed to achieve the dreams of his contemporaries--to own land on which to raise a family and to amass a small amount of money.

In June of 1795, Benjamin, Jr., John, William, and Polly Fawp bought thirty one acres of land on Rocky Branch in Goochland County from Hezekiah Puryear for 43. 8 s., paid on their behalf by Joseph Watkins. At the time, they were minors, the eldest being only 15 years old. The money was probably left by their father for that purpose.


1. Benjamin1 Phaup

2. i Benjamin2 Phaup, Jr. b. December 15, 1780

3. ii John b. October 4, 1782

4. iii William b. March 10, 1784

iv Polly b. 1786 m. Thomas Rowland. issue ? d.?
 V I R G I N I A - P H A U P s
(1 of 2)


2. Benjamin2 Phaup, Jr. married Elizabeth Ellis of Amelia County on October 13, 1804, with Patrick Henley certifying her age as 21 years. Benjamin and Elizabeth had seven children, Ellis, Joseph, William, John, Richard, Martha, and Mary Ann. After the death of Elizabeth, Benjamin married Judith W. Bass on July 27, 1854. She was a 49 year old widow and Benjamin was 74 at the time. Benjamin died in 1858 and is thought to be buried alongside Elizabeth in a family cemetery on a farm in western Chesterfield County, Virginia. He left 726 1/2 acres of land along the Appomattox River to be divided as follows: Ellis 120 acres; William 110 acres; John 125 acres; Joseph 96 1/2 acres; Richard 40 acres; Martha 110 acres: Mary Ann 125 acres. Richard later bought 561 1/2 acres from the other heirs for $3779.00, Mary Ann being the only one to retain her share which adjoined the property of Luther Moore and had a log cabin on it. Richard's original 40 acres contained the house.

5 i Ellis3 Phaup b 1805.

6 ii Joseph b. 1810.

iii Martha b. 1810 m. Cyrus Goode on December 16, 1835. d.?

7 iv William b. 1815

v Mary Anne b. 1815. m. Edward Wooldridge on Nov. 23, 1836. Issue? d.?

vi John b. 1817 m. Eunice S. F. Goode on Dec. 9, 1847. Issue? d.?

vii Richard b. 1819. m. Lucy Ann Murray on May 26, 1847 i.? d.?


5. Ellis3 Phaup married Mary Amonett, daughter of William Amonett, in Cumberland County on Jan. 30, 1830. Ellis was given 318 3/4 acres of land on the Appomattox River "out of love and affection for their son", by Benjamin and Elizabeth. Ellis received $1036.00 as his share of his father's estate, along with 7 1/7 shares of stock owned by his father, in the Midlothian Coal Company, although the shares were not delivered until after his own death. Ellis died of measles on May 24, 1862, leaving an estate valued at $28,249.77, including stock shares worth $17,400.00. Ellis is buried in upper Chesterfield County. He and Mary had three children.

i George W.4 Phaup b. 1835. m.? i.? d.?

8. ii Benjamin L. b. ca 1832.

9. iii William A. b. July 13, 1833

6. Joseph3 Phaup was born in 1810 in Amelia County and lived most of his life in on a farm in Skinquarter. He married Elizabeth Amonett Murray, sister of Mary Amonett Phaup, on Jan. 26, 1839 in Cumberland County, Virginia. They had three children. Joseph died in 1888 and is buried at Skinquarter.

10. i Arthelius Augustus4 Phaup b. Oct. 2, 1839.

ii Olivia E. b. 1843. m. William E. Noble

11. iii Joseph Cox b. Jan 1852.

7. William3 Phaup married Susannah Goode on December 16, 1835. They had two sons:

12. i Joseph H.4 Phaup b. 1838.

ii James W. b.1845 m. Bettie O._____. Had issue.


8. Benjamin Lloyd4 Phaup of Powhatan, married Mary W.? They had six children:

13. i Robert E.5 Phaup b. 1862

ii James Richard b. 1864. m.? i.?

iii Mary Lou b. 1866. m.? i.?

iv Martha M. b. 1868. m.? i.?

14. v Benjamin L., Jr. b. 1871

vi Minnie A. b. 1873. m.? i.?

9. William A.4 Phaup married Bettie Holman of Powhatan County on Sept. 4, 1866. They had nine children born in Chesterfield County. William A. died on Feb. 3, 1897.

15. i Henry H.5 Phaup b. May 30, 1867.

16 ii Porter Flagg b. May 5, 1878.

17. iii Allen J. b.? m. Mattie Crowder-?

iv William b.? m.? d.?

v Edwin F. b.? m.? d.?

vi Frank L. b.? m.? had one child-Frances. d.?

vii Grace b? m.? d.?

viii Evelyn b.? m.? d.?

ix _______________b.? m.? d.?

10. Arthelius A.4 Phaup married Henningham Elam, daughter of Robert H. and Judith Flournoy Elam on Dec. 18, 1860, in Chesterfield County, Virginia and resided at a farm known as "Mountain View" in Skinquarter. He was a farmer and superintendent of prison road crews, and had served with Company B, 4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, Confederate States of America from 1862-1865. The couple had six children and Arthelius died on Jan. 29, 1912. He is buried at Mt. Herman Baptist Church Cemetery in Mosely, Virginia.

i Frances Viola5 Phaup b. 1861 m. James W. Smart. d. 1942.

ii Robert Benjamin b. 1864. d. 1939. Never wed.

18. iii Edward Arthelius5 Phaup b. April 21, 1867.

iv Elizabeth Virginia b. 1873. m. Bernard A. Phaup? d. 1941.

v Richard Elam b. 1876. m. Daisy L. ___. d. 1951.

vi Waverly Withers b. 1880. Never married. d. 1914 in Richmond, VA.

11. Joseph Cox4 Phaup married Maria L. _____ in 1879 and had five children. He died in 1929.

i Mabel H.5 Phaup b. Feb. 1881 m.? d.

ii William E. b. Aug 1883. m.? d.?

iii Charles H. b. Jan 1884 m.? d.?

iv Blanche M. b. Jan 1886. m.? d.?

v Bessie R. b. April 1893. m.? d.?

12. Joseph H.4 Phaup married Sarah E. _____. They had six children and lived in King William County in 1880.

i Susan Lee5 Phaup b.1866. m.? d.?

ii Ola E. b. 1868. m.? d.?

iii Anna L. b.1870. m.? d.?

iv Thomas J. b. 1875. m.? d.? i.?

v Joseph M. b. 1877. m.? d.? i.?

vi Daisie L. b. Nov. 1879. m.? d.?


13. Robert Ellis Phaup married Florence Seburn on ? The couple had ? children:

i Luther Allen Phaup b. 1916 m. Buena M.Joyner on Dec 17, 1948. 5 Children. d. Aug.18, 1984.

ii Mary b.? m.? d.?

14. Benjamin Lloyd5 Phaup, Jr. married Catherine B. Minefree of Sperryville. They had one child.

19. i John Powell6 Phaup b. Dec. 2, 1902

15. Henry H.5 Phaup married Annie R. ? They had five children:

i Perry 6 Phaup b.? m.? d.?

ii Minnie b.? m.____ Curtis. d.?

iii Nellie b.? m. Nick Samuels. d.?

iv Hunter H. b.? m. Ruth Garrison. d.?

v Mary Lee b.? m.? d.?

16. Porter Flagg5 Phaup married Deborah Frances Mills on June 4, 1899. He was a grocer in Richmond in 1902 and opened an insurance agency in 1904. The family had moved from upper Chesterfield County a few years following their father's (William A.) death in 1897. They had eleven children. Porter died on Aug. 4, 1924.

i Unnamed baby boy died in infancy

ii Hester Carolyse b. Sept. 1, 1900. d. Aug. 1901.

20. iii Porter Gilroy6 Phaup b. July 13, 1905.

21. iv Ashton Powell b. June 12, 1907

22. v Irwin Holman b. August 23, 1909.

23. vi Lloyd Edward b. October 13, 1911.

vii William Hansford b. September 13, 1913. m. Frances Anderson. i.? d.?

24. viii Linwood Herman b. May 15, 1915.

ix Grace Evelyn b. June 14, 1917 m. R. B. Parker August 1, 1936; had issue.

25. x Alvin Francis b. April 17, 1920.

26. xi Julian Russell b. November 8, 1923.

17.Allen J.5 Phaup was married to Mattie Crowder and had one child.

27. i Allen J.6 Phaup, Jr. b.?

18. Edward Arthelius5 Phaup married Mary Horner Goode, on April 18, 1911, in Washington, DC, and lived at Pilkinton, Virginia where he ran a small dairy. He was, at different times, a salesman in Richmond, a farmer, a merchant, and a postmaster. Edward and Mary had four children, two by her former marriage to Charles Goode, and two of theirs. Edward died on April 26, 1949 and is buried at the Skinquarter Baptist Church.

i Virginia Henningham b. 1912 m. Etheldred Pearson.

28 ii Arthelius Augustus6 Phaup b. 1913.


19. John Powell6 Phaup married Grace Heath and had one child.

i Evelyn Lloyd7 Phaup b. Richmond on April 24, 1943.

20. Porter Gilroy6 Phaup married Bessie Goode. They had two children.

29. i Gilroy Edloe7 Phaup b. June 26, 1928.

ii Marian b.? m. James E. Turner. Four children.

21. i Ashton Powell6 Phaup married Kathleen House. They had one child.

30. i Ashton Powell7 Phaup, Jr. b.? m.?

22. Irvin Holman6 Phaup married Ruby Madison and had three children:

i Audrey b.? m. Mason Roberts. Has two children.

ii Shirley b.? m. Earl Cheatham. Has two children.

31. iii Irvin H.7 Phaup b.?

23. Lloyd Edward6 Phaup married Katherine Richardson. They have two children:

32. i Edward Lloyd7 Phaup b.? m.?

ii Larry b.?

24. Linwood Herman6 Phaup married Bessie K. Leary and had one child. He later married Thelma Mitchell. They have no children. Linwood is retired from DuPont.

i Joan Coleen7 married Paul H. Weeks and had children.

25. Alvin F.6 Phaup married Odell Maddox. They had four children:

33. i Alvin F.7 Phaup, Jr. b. October 13, 1938.

ii Carolyn b. July 31, 1941 m. Gary Sovine.

iii Jane C. b. January 12, 1961.}{Twin }

iv Doris E. b. January 12, 1961.}{Girls}

26. Julian Russell6 Phaup married Mildred Fields. They had three children:

35. i Ronald7 Phaup b.? m.?

36. ii W. Conway b.? m.?

iii Debbie b.? m.?

27. Allen J.6 Phaup married Bertha ? They have two children.

i Allen J.7 Phaup, III b.? m.?

ii Bruce b.? m.?

28. Arthelius Augustus6 Phaup married Margaret Hall, daughter of James O. and Mattie Norvell Hall, on September 1, 1934, in Richmond, VA. The couple has one child. "Felix" received a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Virginia in 1934 and served as a naval line officer in WWII. He was the owner and president of Medical Service Drugs in Richmond prior to his retirement in 1969. Felix died on August 26, 1994.

37. i Arthelius A.7 Phaup, Jr. b. July 12, 1940 in Richmond, VA.


29. Gilroy Edloe7 Phaup married Jeanne Crump. They have four children.

i Steven8 Phaup b.? m,?

38. ii Wayne b.? m.?

iii Mark b.? m.?

iv Gilroy Edloe, Jr. b. December 26, 1958. m.?

30. Ashton P.7 Phaup, Jr. married Anita Jacobs. They have two children.

i Jacqueline8 Phaup b.? m.?

ii Sheila b.? m.?

31. Irvin H.7 Phaup, Jr. married Jean Estes Rosemond. The couple has three children:

i Charles8 Phaup b.? m.?

ii Cheryl b.? m.?

iii Douglas b.? m.?

32. Edward Lloyd7 Phaup married Agnes Fahed. Edward and Agnes have three children.

39. i Gerald E8 Phaup b.? m.?

ii Peggy Marie b.? m.?

iii Edward William b.? m.?

33. Larry7 Phaup married Vesta ______? They have two children:

i Philip Lloyd8 Phaup b.? m.?

ii Lori Ann b.? m.?

34. Alvin F.7 Phaup, Jr. married Carolyn Chapman. The couple has five children and at present lives at Columbia, Missouri.

i Jeffrey G.8 Phaup b.? m.?

ii Sandra Lynn b.? m.?

iii Michael A. b.? m.?

iv Douglas C. b.? m,?

v Joseph b.? m.?

35. Ronald7 Phaup married _______________________?

36. W. Conway7 Phaup married Beverly _________? They have two children:

i Travis Conway8 Phaup b. June 24, 1975. m.?

ii Kevin Brandon b. May 26, 1978. m.?

37. Arthelius Augustus7 Phaup, Jr. married Lorena Ann Keech, daughter of William R. and Ila Mae Turner Keech on June 15, 1963 in Richmond, VA. "Art" is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute ('63), a Colonel in the Field Artillery and a career Army officer. They have two children:

i Arthelius Augustus8 Phaup, III b. October 13, 1965 at Ft. Sill, OK. m.?

ii Patricia Ann b. July 21, 1970 at Greenville, SC. m.?


38. Wayne8 Phaup married Sharon Lee Hefton. They have one daughter--Brandi Lee b. Jan. 27, 1977.

39. Gerald E.8 Phaup married Margaret Dumov. They have one daughter--Cynthia Marie b. Feb. 27, 1978

V I R G I N I A - P H A U P s
(2 of 2)


4. William2 Phaup, youngest son of the immigrant shoemaker, married Polly Morgan of Charlotte County on December 16, 1807. She was to be the first of five wives; he was 23 years old at the time. On February 16, 1819, he married Elizabeth Chandler, daughter of Samuel Chandler of Lynchburg. Elizabeth gave birth to a son, William R., on August 12, 1820. She died on October 31, 1823 and on July 8, 1824, William married Julia B. Anglea Allen, daughter of Bartlett Anglea of Cumberland County. They had a son John Jordan. and daughters, Amanda and Sarah C. Phaup. Following her death on January 13, 1832, William married Judith Blanton Armistead on April 2, 1833 in Cumberland County. Her death in 1835 was followed by his marriage to Mickey B. Farley, widow of Jeremiah Farley, on October 13, 1836 in Prince Edward County.

William spent much of his life in Cumberland County although he moved about considerably due to his heavy involvement in construction as well as his agricultural interests. While he would probably have considered Buckingham County to be his home, at some time or another, he lived in Amherst, Charlotte, Chesterfield and Cumberland Counties, and had accumulated considerable interests prior to his death in Amherst County on May 30, 1850. William is said to be buried in in a cemetery in Lynchburg, VA. It is interesting that his obituary lists his place of birth as Goochland County

i William R.3 b. 1820. Never married d. April 22, 1911 at 91 years old!

ii Elizabeth F. (Betty) b.? m. Richard Morton. d.?

40. iii John Jordan3 Phaup b. July 9, 1825.

iv Amanda E. b. 1832. m. William Fretwell. d.?

v Sarah C. b.? m.? d.?


40. John Jordan3 Phaup married Ann Eliza Giles. The couple had five children. John J. Phaup died on September 16, 1893 and Ann Giles Phaup died on March 6, 1904.

41.i William J4 Phaup b. June 6, 1850.

ii James C. b. July 25, 1852. d. Sept. 24, 1884. Never marrie

iii Robert b. Nov. 27, 1854. d. Jan. 2, 1934. Never married.

iv Henry b. Nov. 27, 1854. d. Aug. 29, 1934. Never married.

42. v LeRoy Jackson4 b. February 6, 1864.


40. William J.4 Phaup married Lucy Virginia Carter. They had eight children. William died on August 4, 1894 and Lucy died in 1942.

43. i John James5 Phaup b. August 21, 1879.

ii William Voder b. Jan. 31, 1881. Never married. d. Aug. 23, 1903.

44. iii George LeRoy b. Feb. 18, 1883.

iv Henry Reeves b. July 18, 1885. m. Ruth Marks on Nov. 2, 1928. d. Feb. 22, 1961.

v Annie S. b. Sept. 21, 1887. Unmarried. d.?

vi Nannie Ruth b. Aug. 7, 1889. m. W. L. Hearn on June 28, 1917. i.? d. Jan. 11, 1971.

vii Lucy C. b. March 31, 1893. m. J. E. Bersch on April 11, 1907. d.?

viii Walter Robert b. Jan. 21, 1895. d. a child on Mar. 21, 1896.

42. LeRoy J.4 Phaup married Mary C. Turner and had nine children. He was converted at the age of 18 under the ministry of Travis J. Taylor in Smyrna Church. At 20 years old, he was licensed to preach by the Rev. J. C. Dice on the Augusta Circuit. Rev. LeRoy attended Randolph-Macon College and Vanderbilt University. He served the churches of Howard's Grove (Richmond), Fairmount Ave. Church, and later West Chesterfield, Madison Station, York, South Princess Anne, Capron, Matthews, East Dinwidde, Lawrenceburg, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Richmond, to name a few and finally, he was pastor of Highland Springs M. E. Church for many years. He died after a long illness on July 13, 1933.

i James Garland5 Phaup b. 1901. m.? i. 2, 2. d. July 5, 1983. He was a stationer in Richmond for many years.

ii Travis T. b.? m. 2, d.? He owned Phaup Printing Co., in Norfolk in the 1950s.

45. iii LeRoy Lee5 b. 1892. m.____________? He had 3 and 4 and died in 1972.

iv Christine b.? m.__________Barnes. i.? d.?

v Kathleen b.? m.? d. 1918 of Influenza.

vi Lois b.? m.______________Bowman. i.? d.?

vii Thelma b.? m.____________King. i.? d.?

viii Lannie b.? m.____________Barnes. i.? d.?

ix Hazel b.? m.? d. April 1914.


43. John James5 Phaup married Marietta LeSueur on May 15, 1907. They had eight children. Marietta died on June 21, 1951 but John lived on for twenty-eight years and died on Oct. 27, 1979 at the age of ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

i Willie Moses6 Phaup b. June 18, 1908 d. an infant on Nov. 24, 1910 at the age of one and one half years.

ii James Vaden b. Oct. 10, 1909. m. Thelma Scruggs. They had no issue.

iii Margaret Virginia b. June 21, 1911. m. Elijah Stinson. d.?

46. iv Joshua Hazel b. May 27, 1913.

v Crosby Samuel b. Oct. 13, 1915 m. Helen Moran on Oct. 18, 1953.

47. vi Earl Beadles b. May 9, 1918.

48. vii Leslie Davis b. July 18, 1921.

49. viii Andrew LeSueur b. June 15, 1924.

44. George LeRoy5 Phaup married Minnie Dunkum in Jan. 1909. They had six children. Minnie died on Nov. 29, 1965 and George died on June 18, 1971.

50. i George Raymond6 Phaup b. Dec. 28, 1910.

51. ii Bernard Hugo b. July 17, 1912 at Farmville.

iii W.(illiam?) M. b.? m.? d.?

iv Clarence b.? m.? d.?

v May b.? m.__________Mayes. i.? d.?

vi Marvin M. b.? m.? Father of Marvin M., Jr.

45. Leroy Lee5 Phaup married _______________________? The couple had three sons and four daughters:

i LeRoy L.6 Phaup, Jr. b.? m.? i.?

ii Jeremiah Jackson b.? m.? i.?

53. iii John Jordan b. 1941

iv Doris P. married __________Moore. i.?

v Norma married George Cates of Cates Pickles. i. ? d. ca 1982.

vi _________________


46. Joshua Hazel6 Phaup married Viola Hicks (b. April 22, 1913). The couple had one child:

i Joshua Hazel7 Phaup, Jr. b. July 10, 1944. m.?

47. Earl Beadles5 Phaup married Florence L. Colbert on Aug. 20, 1942. The couple has three children:

i Florence Lee7

ii James Earl b. Aug. 3, 1945.

iii Edward Samuel b. Aug. 13, 1958.

49. Leslie Davis6 Phaup married Mabel Louise Wilkerson (b. Aug 17, 1924) on Dec 23, 1942. They have one child:

i Leslie Davis7 Phaup, Jr. b.? m.? i.?

50. Andrew LeSueur6 Phaup married Rachel Coleman on Oct. 11, 1947. They have two children:

i Andrew LeSueur7 Phaup, Jr. b.?

ii Rae Elizabeth b.?

51. George Raymond6 Phaup married Ethel Mae Chandler. They had one child, born in Farmville, VA.

i Raymond LeRoy7 b. Feb. 13, 1940.

52. Bernard Hugo6 Phaup married Dorothy Mae Foster on Oct. 16, 1935. They had one child. After a long and distinguished career in the Wesleyan ministry, Bernard died on July 18, 1986.

i Gary Bernard7 Phaup b.? m.? i.?

53. John J.6 Phaup married Margaret Fletcher in 1966. They have two children:

i Jordan b. 1975.

ii Satterfield7 b. 1981.

K E N T U C K Y - P H A U P s



3. John2 Phaup married Sarah Pitzer, daughter of John and Elizabeth Madison Pitzer, large landowners of Botetourt County, Virginia, on January 22, 1807. John was 24; Sarah was 19 at the time of the wedding. John Pitzer had been a Private and patriot serving the cause of independence during the Revolutionary War. John and Sarah Pitzer Phaup resided in Charlotte County, Virginia during 1908 and 1909, where they owned 27 acres of land, which was later sold to Abraham Pitzer of Botetourt County. The sale was apparently made in preparation for their westward migration. They then apparently began their trek in 1809 or early 1810, because they were listed in the Washington County, VA census for 1810, living next door to John's sister "Polly" and her husband, Thomas Rowland. This was to be their last stop in Virginia; in fact, it began their last days ever in Virginia, for they then made their way along Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap and into the new lands of Kentucky. The excursion might be compared to that of John's father some 36 years earlier, because it required considerable fortitude to pack up a family, leaving all roots behind and set off into the frontier toward the unknown.

A suit was filed in Washington County Court against John some ten years later by Earl B. Clapp, executor of Robert Montgomery, deceased, for damages sustained by the deceased in the amount of $50.04, plus interest at the rate of 6% per annum from November 2, 1811. (Washington County, VA Court Recds., March 21, 1821). John and Sarah arrived in Christian County, KY prior to May 2, 1816 at which time part (15 7/8 acres) of the original land bought in Goochland County, VA from Hezekiah Puryear, was sold to Ellis Puryear for 23.83 s. with older brother, Benjamin acting as attorney-in-fact for John and "Polly" and Thomas Rowland. It is suspected that Thomas and Polly Rowland and at least one Rowland brother, as well as one or more of Sarah Pitzer Phaup's brothers also made the trip to Kentucky.

The earliest known deed involving John and Sarah Phaup in Christian County was from Loftus and Bradley in 1818 as recorded in Deed Book I, p 332. Then on October 29, 1823 John bought 223 acres on Town fork of Little River, which he sold to Samuel D. Bradley on November 5, 1824. Later, on February 8, 1825, John bought 15 acres on Little River from William Hopson for $60. (Book Q., p. 69) and apparently made a home there until he bought 10 acres for $100 from John and Harriet Bledsoe on January 13, 1826 (Book Q., p. 211), followed by purchase of a small lot on Little River on January 13, 1826 from John J. and Polly Shields for $15 (Book Q, p. 351). The 10 acre tract apparently was the "home place" until after Sarah's death. On April 8, 1826, John bought an additional 9+ acre tract from James Ruffin of Hardiman County, TN near the home place for $55 (Book Q, p. 230), and on August 20, 1830, he bought a small tract from G. B. Long adjoining the northern property line of the home place (Book S, p. 157). The home place and these adjacent lands were sold to Kirtley Twyman on February 15, 1840 for $3000 (Book Z, p. 79-81) with a deed restriction "forever reserving always the burying ground where the family who have died are interred, as now inclosed." and further reserving the right to bury such other family members there as "may be deemed expedient." This land was sold by Twyman to McCarroll in 1841 (Book 26, p. 128) containing the same deed restriction. On October 7, 1839, John bought a 120 acre tract with buildings and appurtances from the William Hopson heirs that became the subject of litigation which lasted until after his death. The purchase price was $1767.80, apparently never paid in full, and this parcel then became the home place.

John also bought and sold a good deal of additional land, particularly along the Town Fork of Little River, although he also owned land to the northeast of Hopkinsville and even a one acre city lot in Hopkinsville. There are few, if any, Christian County Deed Records for the period 1818-1853 that do not contain at least one entry for John Phaup. Some of the people with whom John had business dealings were: Samuel D. Bradley, William Hopson, John Bledsoe, Dennis Payne, Matthew U. Henry, William G. Coleman, John J. Shields, James Ware, Zeba Howard, Benjamin Shackelford, Ann R. Dallam, Henry E. Dever and his heirs, William E. Dever and his heirs, James Cole and heirs, J. A. Weber, Augustine Weber, W. H. Moore, F. N. Wheatley, Zachariah Glass, John Buckner, Jesse Payne, John Campbell, John H. Phelps, Manliff Tucker, Albert G. Word, William E. Price, Thomas R. Latellien, Jesse W. Angell, David Anderson and Earl W. Davis.

John was a slave owner for most of his life, reporting on the tax rolls usually as many slaves as horses--from 5-7.

John and Sarah P. Phaup reared six children to adulthood but it may be inferred from recurring entries on the census records (see below) that they had a total of ten children--five males and five females.

Sarah Pitzer Phaup died on June 3, 1837 at the age of 49, and is reported to be the first person to be buried in the new Riverside Cemetery near Hopkinsville (See Perrin's History of Christian County, Kentucky. 1979. Southern Historical Press. Easley, SC). This cemetery is also reported to have previously been known as Hopewell and prior to that was the "McCarroll family burying ground". Buried in the "old section" near Sarah are six McCarrolls, and two McCarroll in-laws. It is relatively certain that this locale is the old Phaup burying ground reserved in the deed from John to Kirtley Twyman and by the latter in his deed to McCarroll.

Five and one half months after Sarah's death, on November 23, 1837, John married Eliza C. Wallace Conner, a 35 year old widow from Logan County and served as guardian for her son, James T. Conner. He also served as guardian for Mariah Cole, daughter of James Cole, deceased, and the Henry E. Dever heirs. On March 22, 1844, John sold most of his remaining land to his brother in law, Thomas R. Wallace, Jr. for $1227.84, including the disputed Hopson heirs' property where he then resided (Bk. 28, p. 100), and at the time of the 1850 census, Eliza's mother and father were living with John and family.

Apparently T. Wallace, Jr. never paid for the property, because it was sold again at public auction on December 4, 1854, after John's death, which occurred just prior to his 70th birthday, in late summer or early autumn of 1852. David Anderson was the successful bidder for the Hopson heirs' tract at $1630 and the 50 acre parcel northeast of Hopkinsville for $70, while Earl Davis was the successful bidder for the 15 acre early home place at $90 (Bk. 37, p. 191, 214, 220). The public sale of his real estate brought in a total of $1790 plus $52 balance due from Thomas Latellien, from an earlier property sale. The public sale of his personal belongings on October 4, 1852 had brought in $229.20 after certain items were exempted for the maintenance of his widow, Eliza. Persons (probably neighbors) buying John's personal property were: J. W. Jackson, G. W. Jackson, John C. Noble, G. Overshiner, James O. Donley, Charles White, G. W. A. McGarvey, J. Troxel, H. West, Bob Crump, J. P. Davis, J. M. Sadler, M. G. Radford, W. H. West, H. C. Allensworth, N. A. Williams, D. H. Dunnavan, W. T. Bronough, Joseph T. Anderson, W. M. Campbell, W. M. Moore and Samuel Wooldridge.

The personal property set aside for Eliza's maintenance totalled $152.25, and included one black man, valued at $22.50, along with two hogs, 2 cows, 1 calf, 1 stack of hay, beds, table, chairs, oats, corn, 6 cups and saucers, 6 knives and forks, a plough, a saddle and bridle, etc. (Bk. O, p. 153-156). No plates nor spoons were listed! Total assets were $2071.20; however, James K. and Eliza Phaup, as Administrator and Administratrix, owed the Hopson heirs $846.84; John H. Phelps executors, $792; and Mariah Cole Pool, $1103.17, leaving a negative net balance of more than $670.81 before counting funeral expenses.

It has not yet been determined with certainty where John Phaup is interred. It was customary to bury a husband next to his first wife and he had certainly reserved the space to do that, where his children were also undoubtedly buried, but Eliza may have had him put elsewhere.

The following extracts from Census Reports pertain to the John Phaup family:

1810 Washington County Virginia

John Phup

1 Male 26-45 1 Female under 5

2 Females, 16-26

1820 Christian County Kentucky

John Fop

3 Males under 10 3 Females under 10

1 Male 30-40 1 Female 30-40

1830 Christian County Kentucky

John Phaup

1 Male 20-30 3 Females 15-20

2 Males 10-15 2 Females 10-15

2 Males under 5 1 Female 5-10

1 Male 40-50 1 Female 40-50

1840 Christian County Kentucky

John Phaup

1 Male 15-20 1 Female 15-20

2 Males 10-15 2 Females 10-15

2 Males under 5 1 Female 5-10

1 Male 50-60 1 Female 30-40

1850 Christian County Kentucky

HH# 984 Fam 1052

John Phaup 61 VA Farmer

Eliza C. 48 KY

James K. 22 KY Cabinet-Maker

James T. Conner 19 KY Tailor

HH# 984 Fam 1053

Thomas R. Wallace 70 VA

Elizabeth 70 PA

Mary E. Phaup 19 KY (wife of James K.)

Robert Gyles 7 KY

Offspring of John2 and Sarah Phaup (*=inferred)

i *Female b. 1808-1810. d. before 1820.

ii *Male b. 1810-1820. d. 1830-1840.

iii Elizabeth R.3 b. April 13, 1811. m. Kirtley Twyman on Sept. 25, 1827. Had seven children. d. Jan. 15, 1892.

iv Sarah Ann b. May 26, 1812. m. Samuel A. Means on July 8, 1830. They had ten children. April 7, 1852.

v Margaret C. b. August 11, 1813. m. George O. Thompson on April 14, 1835. Five children. d. Oct. 18, 1846.

vi *Male b. 1815-1819 d. 1830-1840} possibly during the 1833 Cholera epidemic in KY.

vii *Male b. 1815-1819 d. 1830-1840}

54. viii Benjamin A.3 Phaup b. ca 1824.

ix Frances Harriet b. ca 1825. m. John B. Galbreath on July 19, 1846; m. Joseph Chastain in 1896. d. July 16, 1904.

55. x James K. b. ca 1828.


54. Benjamin A.3 Phaup required his father's consent to marry Susan McDowell in Christian County on June 13, 1840, because he was not yet 21 years of age. Susan did not require her father's consent, so it may be assumed that she was over the age of 18. Susan was the daughter of Samuel and Susan Skiles McDowell and the granddaughter of Judge Samuel McDowell, who served as a Colonel with the Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War. He was also active later in the conventions preceding the separation of Kentucky from Virginia and chaired the first Constitutional Convention for Kentucky in 1792.

The couple apparently lived for a short time in Indiana following their marriage, as their first-born child arrived there. However, Benjamin A. appears on the Todd County Tax Rolls for 1843, listing his net worth as consisting of one mule--worth $20.00. In March of 1844, they were living on his father's land north of Hopkinsville, in Christian County, which adjoined that of Ben's brother in law, Samuel Means. In 1848, Benjamin again appears on the Tax Roll for Todd County--this time sans the mule. His short life remains rather a large mystery. He appears to have died around 1854 at the age 30, but this has not been confirmed. In fact, a dilligent search of the "Sullivan Records" (Birth, Death & Marriage 1851-1861) for Christian and Todd Counties turned up no entry for Benjamin A. It is known, however, that he is not listed on the 1860 Todd County Census with Susan J. (Fopp) and the children, nor in any adjacent county. Benjamin and Susan had five children:

56. i James Homer4 Phaup b. March 1841 in Indiana.

ii Sarah A. Pitzer b. 1843. m. W. H. Howard of Todd County in 1864. d.? i.?

iii Susan Jane McDowell b. Feb 20, 1846. m. Edward Price in 1867. Had four daughters and lived in Hopkinsville.

57. iv John McDowell b. Aug. 15, 1849.

v Mary Emma Starr b. July 4, 1852. m. Andrew Hall, a stone mason and lived on Main Street in Hopkinsville. Emma died in 1948 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Hopkinsville.

55. James K.3 Phaup married Mary Elizabeth Johnson in Christian County on August 22, 1850. James K. was a cabinet maker and later enlisted in the Union Army as a Private in Company A, 3d Regiment, Kentucky Voluntary Cavalry. He was killed on Dec. 28, 1861 in the battle of Sacramento in McLean County, KY only 15 days after he had mustered in on Dec. 13, 1861 at Calhoun. His widow, Mary received a widow's pension of $8.00 per month, which was later increased to $12.00 per month, from Dec. 29, 1861 until her death on July 7, 1900 (Pension #71356). James K. and Mary E. had five children:

i Ellen4 Phaup b. July 4, 1851. m. John R. Carr. Had 3 children. d. March 15, 1925.

58. ii Francis4 Phaup b. Aug. 22, 1853.

iii Minnie b. July 13, 1855. Never married. d. Terrell State Hospital on Feb 5, 1933. Said to have been insane.

59. iv James Louis b. July 26, 1857.

v Jessie b. 1859. d. in infancy.


56. James Homer4 Phaup, a blacksmith and farmer, enlisted as a Private in Company D, 2d Kentucky (Woodward's) Cavalry, Confederate States of America at Todd County on Nov. 15, 1861 (about a month before his uncle, James K. enlisted in the Union Army). According to family legend, James Homer would "slip home from the war at night" by blackening his face to sneak through enemy pickets and Union sympathizers, both of which were plentiful in that area. His black face appearing at the kitchen window would terrify his baby sister, Mary Emma, then only 9 years old. He seems to have "slipped away from the war" permanently at Abbeville, Mississippi on June 25, 1862. There are as yet unconfirmed reports that he then served with the Union, as a "galvanized Confederate". These people were given their freedom if they agreed to swear their allegiance to the Union and were often undocumented. In any event, his whereabouts are unknown from then until sometime around 1866, when he married Mildred Howard (a sister to the husband of James H.'s sister, Sarah). They settled on a farm on Buck Creek in McLean County near Island, Kentucky. This farm with one mule and 400 bushels of corn was valued on the tax list at $400 in 1869. In 1870, 1871, and 1874, only personal property is listed. James Homer and Millie had nine children:

60. i John Henry5 Phaup b. Dec. 9, 1866.

61. ii James H. b. Jan. 1869.

62. iii Robert b. 1872

iv Julia b. 1876. m.____________Langford i.? d.?

63. v Leslie Homer b. in Owensboro in 1875.

64 vi. Gus b. 1879.

vii Bert b. May 1881. m.? i.? d.?

viii Nancy b. April 1884. m. _______ Carr. i,? d.?

IX Levy b. Oct. 1885. m.Lola Mitchell i."Lee" had at least two sons d.?
i. Orvel M. Phaup b. McLean County, KY January 13 1912.

ii. Newman Samuel b. Muhlenburg County, KY August 15, 1914. d. July 1979 in Louisville KY.

57. John McDowell4 Phaup is said to have fought for the Confederacy, but this is unconfirmed. He was only 11 years old when the war began and 15 when it ended, so it seems unlikely, although both sides were using children at the height of the melee. However, family legends contain stories of his near encounters, while in uniform, with family Union soldiers. "Johnny Boy" never married and died on April 2, 1876, from injuries suffered when he was thrown from a horse. He is buried in the Andrew Hall plot in Riverside Cemetery at Hopkinsville.

58. Francis (Frank)4 Phaup married Christianne Rhea, sister of John Rhea of Hopkins County in 1866. Frank worked as a hostler in Madisonville. They had eight children. Frank died on May 16, 1912 and is buried in New Salem Cemetery. Christianne married __________ Shelton following Frank's death. She died on March 21, 1961 and is also buried in New Salem Cemetery.

i Jessie5 Phaup b. Nov. 1886. m. ____ Pendley. i.? d.?

65. ii Johnnie J.5 Phaup b. March 19, 1888.

66. iii James Leslie b. Oct. 22, 1889.

67. iv Thomas b. Feb. 21, 1893.

68. v Lawson b. Dec. 23, 1894.

69. vi Ellis b. Dec. 1897.

vii Ruby b. 1898. m. Mancel Smith i.? d.?

vii Lizzie b. July 1899. m. Lester Stephens. i? d?

59. James Louis4 Phaup married Nancy Catherine Webb, daughter of Cuthbert and Sarah Jane Foster Webb in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 30, 1866. Nancy was born in Illinois on Nov. 30, 1866. The couple lived in Texas and started the Phaup Texas Clan, although James K. and Mary Elizabeth had lived for a short time in Texas in 1851, and Ellen Phaup was born there, prior to their return to Kentucky. James and Nancy had eight children. James, a farmer, died on July 25, 1903. He is buried in Rockwall Cemetery, Rockwall County, Texas.

70. i Arthur Webb5 Phaup b. July 25, 1889.

71. ii James Louis b. Sept. 22, 1890.

iii Mary Harriet b. Nov. 10, 1891 m. Ernest Brose ? d. Oct. 19, 1962 at Liberal, KN. i.?

iv Jessie b. Nov. 10, 1891. Twin sister to Mary. d. young.

v Frankie b. Jan. 20, 1894. d. very young.

72. vi. Wade Mason b. Dec. 31, 1896.

73. vii Ernest Edward b. Oct. 10, 1900.

viii Norabella b. June 7, 1902. m. #1___Cox, #2___Butler., #3 Spencer Swan. i.? d. Dec. 17, 1982 at Liberal, KN.


60. John Henry5 Phaup married #1 Sally McLemore of Owensboro on July 18, 1890. They had two children, Eunice and James Homer II, and as soon as the children were grown, they were divorced. John H. then married #2 Katherine Josephine Abernathy, daughter of Dr. Jacob F. Abernathy, prominent Murphy, NC physician and surgeon,on May 23, 1921. The couple had one child, John Dillard. J. H. retired with the L & N Railroad after 32 years on April 23, 1932. John Henry died on Oct. 6, 1933 and Josephine A. Phaup died on Dec. 29, 1975. Both are buried in Sunset Cemetery, Murphy, NC.

i Eunice6 Phaup b. July 1891 in Owensboro, KY m. Claude Butts, and had one child, Marian. d. in early 1930's of complications following an appendectomy.

74. ii James Homer b. Jan. 1995 in Owensboro, KY.

75. iii John Dillard b. Oct. 17, 1929 in Knoxville, TN.

61. James H.5 Phaup was unmarried and still living at home with his parents in McLean County in 1900 at the age of 31.

62. Robert5 Phaup is still being traced but little has surfaced to date.

63. Leslie H.5 Phaup moved to Detroit, MI before 1900 and married Mary Ann "Mollie" Kane from Toledo, OH. Leslie served in the U. S. Army with Company E., 14th Regiment, Infantry, during the Spanish-American War and applied for an invalid's pension (#1305456) on Nov. 4, 1903. "Les" and "Mollie" also lived for a time in El Paso, TX during the 1930's. They had three sons:

76. i Thomas Leslie6 Phaup b.? m.?

77. ii James Harvey b.? m.?

78. iii Eugene Lenox b.? m.?

64. Gus6 Phaup married Ethel Rowe of Cleaton, KY. Ethel died on March 22, 1913 one week after giving birth to their only child. Gus d.?

i Charles6 Phaup b. March 14, 1913. d. May 12, 1913.

65. Johnnie J.5 Phaup married Nora Lee Welch of Madisonville, KY.

79. i James Lawrence6 Phaup b. Dec. 29, 1912.

ii Emma Lee b. Jan. 28, 1915. m.? d.?

iii Eileen b.? m? i.?

66. James Leslie6 Phaup married Nevel Gracie Welch and had four children. James L. died on Dec. 31, 1964 and is buried in Grapevine Cemetery.

80. i Thomas Edward6 Phaup b. Aug. 25, 1912. m.? d.?

81. ii James Leslie, Jr. b. Dec. 17, 1922.

82. iii Frank Lewis b. May 12, 1926. m.?

iv Mabel Juanita b. Aug. 19, 1930. m.?

67. Thomas "Tommy"5 Phaup married Beulah Welsh. Tommy died on July 27, 1956 and is buried in Grapevine Cemetery. They had two children:

83. i Clifton Stanford6 Phaup b Jan. 10, 1916.

84. ii Lourine b. May 9, 1914. m.? d.?

68. Lawson5 Phaup married Willie Pearl Dillingham in Matton, IL on Sept. 2, 1916. They had ? children. Lawson died on Sept.14, 1974 and he is buried in New Salem Cemetery in Hopkins County.

85. i J. D.6 Phaup [Initials only; no name] b. ca 1921.

69. Ellis5 Phaup married Mary Christine Fosco. He was a preacher. The couple had three children. Ellis died in July 1960.

86. i Frank6 Phaup b. Nov. 23, 1929.

ii Helen b.? m.Melvin Hicklin. They had three children

iii Grace b.March 27, 1920 m.John M. Hale August 15, 1936. i. Had three children.

70. Arthur Webb5 Phaup, son of James Louis of the Texas Phaups, married Ethel Ester Poe, daughter of Lowry and Victoria Fleming Poe, on Oct. 29, 1910. The couple had nine children. Arthur Webb died on Jan. 7, 1972 and is buried in Mt. Sylvan Cemetery, Smith County, TX. Ethel died on Aug. 2, 1975 and is buried beside her husband.

87. i Richard Lewis6 Phaup b. Sept. 2, 1913.

88. ii Edgar Mason b. Jan. 6, 1916.

89. iii Leon Webster b. July 10, 1918.

iv Birdie Doris b. Feb. 25, 1920. m. Elmo McKnight. one child. d. June 29, 1968.

v Virgie Marie b. April 22, 1923. m. Duane Craig. One child.

vi Frank Victor b. Sept 1, 1925. d. as a child.

vii Douglas Penson b. Sept 22, 1927. d. as a child.

viii Raymond Arnold b. Dec. 25, 1930. d. as a child.

ix Donnie Ray b. Sept. 28, 1935. d. as a child.

71. James Louis5 Phaup, a farmer in Smith County, married Otta Lee McMichael, daughter of John W. and Allie Fox McMichael, on Sept. 28, 1932 in Tyler, TX, after the death of his first wife, Anna Goodrich Phaup in 1920. James's first child was born to Anna and three others to Otta Lee. James died on Feb. 1, 1963.

i Willie Ester6 Phaup b. Feb 15, 1920. m.? i.?

ii Betty Alene b. March 2, 1934. m.? i.?

iii Ann Elizabeth b. Aug. 12, 1935. m.? i.?

90. iv James Lewis6 Phaup b. Feb 6, 1936.

72. Wade Mason5 Phaup, a farmer, married Florie Catherine Davis, daughter of Sam and Pine Garvin Davis of Rockwall County, in 1917. They had two children. Wade died on Sept. 26, 1960 and is buried in Hopewell Cemetery in Smith County, TX.

i Blanche Katheryn6 Phaup b. July 26, 1918. d. Jan. 16, 1928.

ii Wade Samuel b. Feb. 21, 1921. d. Sept. 21, 1933.

73. Ernest Edward5 Phaup, a farmer, married Georgia Jewell Williams, daughter of N. B. and Nellie Clement Williams, on March 2, 1919 at Loften, TX. Ernest died on May 17, 1941 at Ft. Worth, TX and is buried in Mt. Sylvan Cemetery. Georgia died on Dec. 31, 1981 and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Ft. Worth. The couple had six children:

i Margaret May6 Phaup b. May 5, 1921 at Ft. Worth. m. Bert Aber June 8, 1942 in Smith County. No issue.

91. ii Elery "Charlie" b. Feb. 11, 1923 at Ft. Worth.

92 iii Ferrell Gene b. June 15, 1924 at Ft. Worth.

93 iv Robert Edward b. Oct. 6, 1931 at Ft. Worth.

v Patricia Ann b. Oct. 18, 1935 in Smith County. m. #1 Don Cherry, #2 James McKinney, #3 Vic Rasmussen. i.?

vi Geraldine b. April 1, 1939 at Swan, TX. m. #1 David O. Garrett, #2 Jim Shelton, #3 Wendell Stevenson. Had issue.


74. James Homer6 Phaup, son of John H. Phaup, married #1 Nellie Victoria Legg and had two sons. They were later divorced and on Jan. 15, 1924, J. Homer married LaVada Calmes, an entertainer, at Dallas, TX. They had no children. Homer died in the early thirties of complications of diabetes.

94. i John Legg7 Phaup b. Sept. 15, 1914 d. April 9, 1996.

95. ii Harwood b.Sept.16, 1917 d. July 17, 1995.

75. John Dillard6 Phaup, a scientist and former university professor married #2 Bebe E. Lowe, of Cynthiana, KY on May 29, 1971. John has one daughter:

i Cynthia7 b. August 16, 1949. m.#1 F. Acker, #2 Robert Kuhlken. She has two sons and lives in Ellensburg, WA.

76. Thomas Leslie6 Phaup m. Helen Gilbrey of Detroit, MI. They had four children. Thomas and Helen live in Glendale, CA.

96. i David E.7 Phaup b.? Brownwood, TX. m.?

97. ii Michael b.? m.?

iii Claudia Ann b.? m.______Miller. i.?

iv Juanita b.? m.________Riddle. i.?

79. James Lawrence6 Phaup married Mattie Moore and had four children:

99. i Kenneth R.7 Phaup b.March 21, 1934, d. February 29, 1988

ii Barbara Quinn m.? Had issue.

iii Ruby Kathleen m.? Had issue.

iv Nichipourk m.? Had issue.

81. James Leslie6 Phaup, Jr. married Frances _________ and had two sons. James lives in Earlington, KY.

100. i Robert James7 Phaup b. Nov. 5, 1957. m.?

101. ii Steve Allen b. Oct. 10, 1959. m.?

83. Clifton Stanford6 Phaup married Martha Lou Almon. They have one son and live in Chicago, IL.

102. i Frederick Wayne7 Phaup b. May 13, 1952.

85. J. D.6 Phaup married __________ and had a son.

103. i Jimmy Darrell7 Phaup b.? m.? i.? Lives at Kingsville, TX.

86. Frank Ellis6 Phaup m.? He has three children and lives in Madisonville, KY.

104. i Charles Franklin7 Phaup b. Sept. 3, 1955. m.?

ii Marilyn Sue b. April 12, 1948. m? i.?

105. iii David Randall b. May 1, 1962. m.?

87. Richard Lewis6 married #1 Bennie Lee Pegues on Oct 31, 1930 at Tyler, TX. They had one child. Later, Richard married #2 Sybil Lott and they had two children. Richard died on June 13, 1967 and is interred in Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, TX.

106. i Melvyn L.7 Phaup b. Feb. 8, 1941.

107. ii Jimmye R. b. Aug. 15, 1953 at Houston.

iii Janice b. Jan 2, 1956 m. Paul Thieler. Has 2 daughters.

88. Edgar Mason6 Phaup married Juanita ___________. They had two children:

i Mozelle Marie7 Phaup b. Feb. 18, 1948 in Ft. Sill, OK. m. _________Cate. i.?

ii Danny L. b. May 6, 1937 at Portland, OR. m.? d. Sept. 1969.

89. Leon Webster6 Phaup married Christine Hoevet, They had three children. Leon died on April 12, 1960.

108. i Douglas Leon7 Phaup b. Jan. 10, 1945. d. Dec. 2, 1962. m.?

ii Jennifer Lee b. Aug. 22, 1947. m.? i.?

109. iii Michael Dean b. May 11, 1951. m.?

91. Elery "Charlie"6 Phaup married Bernice Blaylock on July 4, 1941. They have one child:

110. i Charles Wayne7 Phaup b March 13, 1945. m. Janice Cooney.

92. Ferrell Gene6 Phaup married Irmalene Wall, and after her death married Frances Arnett. F. G. has two children:

111. i Donald Gene7 Phaup b. Dec. 20, 1952. m. Brenda ________.

ii Cindy Joan b. July 27, 1955. m. Earl Meyers. Has issue.

93. Robert Edward6 Phaup was married to #1 Phyllis Pratt and later married #2 Lillian Moore on July 24, 1962. Robert is retired from the USAF and has two children:

i Robert Gene7 Phaup b. July 20, 1954. m.?

ii Karen Sue b. Jan. 3, 1960. m.?


The information for the seventh generation of the Kentucky-Texas Phaups is rather scanty. Current information is, in many cases, more difficult to obtain than historical information, usually for reasons of privacy.

94. John Legg7 Phaup married #2 Mary Kathryn Paul. He had two daughters and a son. John L. died on April 9, 1996

i Patricia Anne8 b. Aug. 25, 1941 in Memphis, TN. m. Kurt Priewe. No issue.

ii Beverly Sue b. Jan. 6, 1943 in Memphis, TN. m. Joseph Gurule.They have 3 children.

iii John Paul8 Phaup b. Dec. 1, 1954 in Haw thorne, VA. m. Karen Bentley. No issue.

99. Kenneth R.7 Phaup m. Valerie ? They lived in Clarkston, MI and had six children.

113. i Danny Ray8 Phaup b. August 22, 1953, d. July 27, 1986.

114. ii Lawrence Franklin b.? m.?

115 iii William Terrence b.? m.?

iv Sheryl Lynn b.? m.?

v Michele Marie b.? m.?

vi Brooke Elizabeth b.? m.?

102. Frederick Wayne7 Phaup m.? and lives in Chicago, IL. He has one child:

116. i Wayne Frederick8 Phaup b. Feb. 10, 1979.

106. Melvyn L.7 Phaup m. #1 Dixie Lockerman on July 31, 1960 and #2 Patsy ? on April 21, 1977. He has one child:

i Nancy Anne8 Phaup b. Nov. 17, 1969. m.?

107. Jimmye Richard7 Phaup m? and lives in Mesquite, TX. He has two daughters:

i Lindsey Elizabeth8 b. Dec. 13, 1984.

ii Leslie Ann b. March 26, 1987.

NOTE: The only Phaups listed in the Kentucky Soundex Census for 1920 are those in Hopkins County, i.e. descendants of Francis4 Phaup.

N E W E N G L A N D - P H A U P s

The Phaup families living in Massachusetts and Connecticut were found impossible to connect with the three sons of Benjamin, and as later became apparent, for good reason. It appears that not one but two additional immigrant ancestors may be involved. The information, however is sketchy at best, and perhaps unreliable.

Because it has been brought to the attention of this researcher that some of the data is questionable and the sources not clearly documented, in the interest of legitimate genealogy, all references to the families of the New England Phaups have now been removed.

O D D S - N - E N D S


In this category are to be found all the Phaups, or corruptions thereof, who do not otherwise fit in the lineage of the three sons of old Benjamin. The Lynn, MA Phaups were removed from this category because they seemed clearly to have descended from different immigrant ancestors.

The surname Paup deserves special mention, because Paups seem to have coexisted with the early Phaups. The Paups were present in Virginia as early as 1788 in the person of Deacon John Paup. This was 2 years after Benjamin1 Phaup first appeared on the Goochland County Tax Rolls. Rev. Paup performed numerous marriages in Brunswick, Campbell, Bedford, Mecklenburg and Greensville Counties from 1788 to 1810. On Feb. 22, 1790, he himself was married to Sarah Walker in Brunswick County. John W. Paup and Thomas Paup appear on deed records during the late 1700-early 1800 period. In History of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1975), dealing with the establishment of Ebeneezer Academy in present-day Warfield around 1792-1794, the first trustees are listed and among them "John Phaup" which should probably be the John Paup performing marriages all over southern Virginia (see also Marriages of Campbell County, Virginia, 1782-1810).

There is a traditional belief among some Phaups that a General de Phaup served the patriot's cause during the Revolution, which has never been put to rest. Perhaps he was a de Paup. Then there is a now infamous letter to Mrs. Thomas J. Keane of New York City from the Rev. LeRoy J. Phaup under date of November 14, 1931, mentioning that, "Soon after the War, Bishop Asburn (sic) preached in a Chapel in Essex Co. called Phaup's Chapel, and spent the night with 'Bn. Phaup.' Did not give the full name." This almost certainly refers to Deacon Paup and Paup's Chapel. The "Bn." Phaup, which many Phaups believe to refer to Benjamin Phaup, was more likely "Br." for Brother Paup.

It is likely that due to the close, even uncanny, resemblance of the surnames, much corruption has occurred. Phaups have been misspelled as Paup and vice versa. There are, however at the present time about the same number of Paup families living in the United States as there are Phaups, but the distribution is considerably different, the largest concentration of Paups being in Pennsylvania (about 24%), and the next highest in Iowa (16%). In fact, the largest contingent is in the western U. S. There is certainly a need for a great deal of research in this area. It is felt that if the Phaups and Paups are indeed related, the corruption of the names must have occurred in Europe, or outside the United States prior to their emigration. Further discussion is beyond the scope of the present work.

The Charlotte County, VA Census for 1820 lists a Philip Phaup household containing three males 16-18; two males 18-20; three males 26-45; one male over 45; one female 26-45 and sixteen slaves! Who was Philip and who were all those people with him? He must have been born about 1775 or within a year of Benjamin's arrival in bondage. Could this be a Paup?

The Amherst County census for 1850 lists a Michael Phaup, 51 years old (b. 1799) as a farmer, born in Virginia, and in his household, William K. Phaup, 23 years old; and Lucy J. Layne Phaup, aged 15. Michael was born the year before Benjamin Jr. was born, and in Virginia at that.

There is a marriage record in Daviess County, KY of John Thaup, 24, and M. M. Cambron, 15, of Owensboro on April 1, 1861. Perhaps Thaup is a bona fide surname, rather than a corruption, because he sure doesn't fit any place.

In the "leftover" category are two Kentucky Phaups whose father's names have been misplaced: (1) Howard Augusta Phaup b. Muhlenburg Co. on Feb. 5, 1915 to Mamie Hurt Phaup; and (2) Glendon Rennett Phaup, born in Ohio County on Aug. 28, 1912 to Ella Carnihan Phaup. These 6th Generation Phaups are thought to be grandchildren of James Homer4 Phaup. These Phaups do not appear on the Kentucky Census (Soundex) for 1920, so it is entirely possible that they died as infants in the interim. Infant mortality at that time was alarming by today's expectations.

This writer is certain that future researchers will answer these and similar questions, and equally certain that others will present themselves in the process.

(Revised May 29, 1999)
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